NTPwdNTFS driver

NTFS driver & Change a NT password from MSDOS (March 30, 2001) 
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 Service Pack 3
You can access in read/write mode to your NTFS partition files from MSDOS and you can change NT administrator password :))
It works for NT 3.5 and NT 4 (but not SP3 Syskey). Support for >8Gb hard disk.
To protect your system against this tools, you only have to forbid floppy disk boot or to use Syskey utility from Service Pack 3.

Original source of NTFS driver (GNU General Public License)
Original source of chntpw

Example to copy a file from a NTFS partition, change a password and modify it on the NTFS partition:
a:> ntcp ///winnt/system32/config/sam sam
a:> chntpw -i sam
a:> ntchange sam ///winnt/system32/config/sam